Us and the Environment

HatHats Coffee is determined to be a fully circular business by the end of 2023 and as a result, we’re constantly looking out for new ways to help us minimise our impact on the environment.

We hope to do this through a few different strategies –

1. Making sure that our outlets stock reusable products wherever they can.
2. Sourcing recyclable single-use products where reusable products cannot be used.
3. Implementing inventive ways to craft our waste materials into new resources for the future.

Our new brand, Grounded Answer, has received a large investment from all our sites and businesses so that we can generate and improve on these circular initiatives.

Our aim is to continually make positive changes to our business and for the planet.

Grounded Answer

HatHats Coffee are passionate advocates for the circular economy and reusing our waste products to benefit the community and the environment.

It sounds good, doesn’t it? But pretty hard to imagine.

Traditionally coffee shops have operated in a very linear way, put simply, this means we make something, use it and then throw our waste away.

E.g. you order a takeout coffee, we make you the coffee, throw the coffee grounds into landfill. You stir the coffee with a plastic spoon, throw it away, drink the coffee from a takeaway cup and then throw that away too.

We make it, it gets used and then the waste is thrown away.

We want to reuse our waste and put it back into our coffee making cycle (this is where the circular part comes in!).

What if the used coffee grounds are converted into biomass which heats the coffee shop?

What if we promote reusable cups that come back into the coffee drinking cycle again and again?

What if we can properly compost takeaway cups, creating jobs for local people, and putting resources back into the earth?

We’re starting small, as every little change helps, for example, all our scannable loyalty cards are made from recycled ocean plastic. However, we’re dreaming big and have lots of exciting initiatives coming up in the next few years that Grounded Answer will be putting in place.

The Grounded Answer project is very much in its infancy, however, more details will be published here soon.

 Beach Clean for an Ice Cream 

Ocean waste and rubbish along our shoreline are fast becoming huge problems for our planet. Therefore, we have teamed up with Walls Ice Cream to do something about it.

Every year our site in Reculver holds a Beach Clean for an Ice Cream event. We bring the local community together to clean the beach and throughout the day educate future generation with talks from marine biologists and local educators.

We plan to make our Beach Cleans regular events, so make sure you follow us on social media for details. Tickets are free and you will be able to sign up on this website closer to the event.

Due to Covid-19 we were sadly unable to go ahead with our 2020 Beach Clean.

However, in 2021 we were back up and ready to go! You can view all of our Beach Cleans on our YouTube Channel.

Our Commitment to the Planet

At HatHats we like to think big, and we have set ourselves an ambitious target to become waste positive by the end of 2023.

But what do we mean by this? It Is our aim through initiatives like Grounded Answer and our Beach Cleans is to have a net positive impact on the planet. That HatHats leaves the planet in a better place than it was in before HatHats started.

What are doing to make this a reality?
· We are slowly moving to fully electric vehicles
· The deliveries we make through our online shop are carbon offset a
· We have installed solar panels and eco-friendly heating systems at our sites
· Our scannable loyalty cards are made from recycled ocean plastic
· We are also doing lots of work on our supply chain and with our suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we sell.

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