Having trouble with the app? Find the FAQ's here.
Sometimes the HatHats app doesn't recognise email apps on phones, to fix this you need to use their browser version instead. If your email app is not working, please follow these steps.

1. Go into your browser on your phone (i.e: Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)
2. Type in your usual email viewer (gmail, outlook etc.). You will be using the online version rather than the one in the app so make sure you stay in the browser if it prompts you to open your app.
3. Open the HatHats Rewards app and click 'Login' - enter your email and press 'Get started'. This will send an email to your account.
4. Open the browser back up, click on your new email and click 'Launch HatHats Coffee'.
5. This should work and take you to the HatHats app and you should be signed in. You will not have to re-login everytime you use the app, unless you log out. You will need to repeat this process.
To get started on the app and sync your points. You will need to sign up to the app with your card. Tap 'Sign Up: With Your Reward Card'. You will need your Rewards Card to do this.
Next, you will be prompted to scan the QR code on the back of your Rewards Card. Once you have done this you will be asked to enter an email address.
Whichever email address you input will become your login to the app, so remember this.
If you don't have a Rewards card and do not want one, you will need to tap 'Sign Up: Digital Only Account'. By doing so, you will only create a Rewards account on the app and you will need to scan your app in store to claim your points.
Of course! Before you dispose of your card, please use it to log in to the app as it will transfer all of your current points onto your profile. Once you're all set up and you've entered a valid email, you can responsibly recycle your card, or hand it back to us and we will recycle it for you.

To do this, tap 'Sign Up: With Your Reward Card' and scan in your QR code and enter the email address you'd like to use for your account. All your points should sync automatically and you're good to go!
To do so, you will need to visit one of our stores and pick up a Rewards card. It is important that you let the staff know you are linking it to an existing account. The process is a manual job in between the dust and wires of the back end, so we advise all customers to sign up in store and then link your card to the app, where possible.

We are continuously looking to improve our customer experience and we thank our customers for your patience.
We get it, things change. If you cannot access your email address, you will need to contact our customer services team who can help change it for you.
Once you're signed into the app, you can tap on the 'Points' icon at the bottom of the screen. In the top right of the screen, you will see the points you have collected and the amount of Rewards that HatHats currently has available.

On the Rewards tab, you will see a menu of the current active Rewards and the points needed to claim them.

If you see that you are eligible for a Reward and you want to claim it. Pop into one of our stores and show the app to our team members who will be able to claim your Rewards!
We don't spread secrets, or personal information. You can read our Privacy Policy here.
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