La Spaziale S50

This top of the range espresso machine was built to celebrate 50 years of La Spaziale. It shows off their aesthetic tradition perfectly and it really is something quite special.


La Spaziale have introduced pressure profiling with this model, as well as the latest temperature control. All the materials are shock and scratch resistant to preserve the grand look of the machine over a long period of time. Furthermore, its LED system based on RGB technology illuminates the worktop stunningly. The high-resolution capacitive touch display, with a customisable user interface, enables greater interaction for the barista, which further enhances the machine’s aesthetic appeal. This display also gives optimal control over your coffee, by providing the barista with useful information. Additionally, it has an option to pre-set the brewing temperature for up to six unique doses. Ultimately, this provides the user with the freedom to explore different coffee extractions and discover the best. The S50 can be easily integrated into any space and it is available in red and black.

Some more of the S50’s most notable features include: the ‘cool touch’ steam wands with a steam delivery with 3 positions, on off and purge; its ECO functionality and monitoring of energy consumption (in Kw/H); a USB port and Bluetooth connection; on / off timer; coffee extraction monitoring, the list goes on. For more detail on this product, please click on the brochure, or watch the video below.

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