TE Luxury Tea Bags English Breakfast
A delicious breakfast tea from late-summer harvests. The mild spiciness of this Ceylon tea can be combined with some milk and sugar. 
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Monin Syrup Coffee Gift Set
(5 x 5cl Bottles) It's the perfect gift for coffee lovers! This gift set from Monin helps to recreate a full-flavoured coffee shop experience, from home! Created by masters of flavours Monin, they’re attractively packaged and perfect for gifting. They can be used to in...
Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker
The Aerobie Aeropress is a must have coffee maker for any coffee lover. It really simple to use that once you own an AeroPress you won’t look back. The Aeropress allows the user to make and enjoy smooth, rich and flavoursome coffee...
Handheld Coffee Grinder
Tried and tested by us, the Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is a HatHats At Home favorite!  It is the perfect solution for grinding coffee at home, or on the go.  You can adjust the grind from coarse to fine and it is simple...
Coffee Dosage Scales
Digital pocket-sized weighing scales, ideal for weighing out precise espresso doses from home, or on the go.   Automatic turn of after 30 seconds, to help prolong battery life Auto calibration, meaning they are all set up and ready to go...
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AeroPress Micro-Filters
The humble but crucial paper filter. Our paper filters ensure every cup you brew with your AeroPress is both clean and full bodied. This pack of 350 extra filters will keep you pressing to perfection for months. 1 pack includes...
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