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Commercial espresso coffee machines for coffee shops, restaurants, delis and more.

We get it, one of the biggest decisions you are going to make when you decide to open up a coffee shop, restaurant or deli is what coffee machine to buy. We are happy to help, give advice and point you in the right direction wherever we can.

We have been working with the highly respected La Spaziale espresso machines since we launched and are proud to be an official UK Dealer. You will find that whoever you talk to about Espresso machines everyone will have a different preference or reasoning behind the make or brand they choose. We opted to use La Spaziale at the very beginning due to the high build quality of all their Espresso Machines as well as being built at a fair price point.

What do we mean by price point? Well, there are several brands that are much cheaper and there are also lots of machines that are a lot more expensive. La Spaziale, for us, delivers exceptional quality for a reasonable price.

Selling machines is not our core business, we have a trade account with La Spazialie and will outsource all of the installation and maintenance so we can be extremely competitive on price to other dealers who rely on machine sales for their core income. Working with Trade Partners we can offer some scale to securing any equipment we sell on a lease if this is easier for you, however, there is no obligation to use our leasing company if you already have your own arrangements and you can, of course, purchase the equipment outright if you wanted. 

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Coffee Grinders

It surprises us that for a lot of small independent coffee shops coffee grinders are often an afterthought. Our quality control are so passionate about grinders that they’ll give you a full on lecture about just how important they are. Choosing the right grinder can have a huge impact on the quality of your coffee.

You need a grinder that not only gives a high quality of ground coffee but also a grinder that is fast, consistent and grinds fresh for every cup. Like with espresso machines (link to coffee machine page) there are a huge number of options and prices can vary immensely.

We use a range of different grinders across our business depending on the number of shots they are grinding every day.

For our busier sites, we tend to lean on an Anfim on-demand grinder. These grinders grind straight into the group handle and grind fresh for every coffee.

We always recommend on-demand grinders over doser grinders as coffee in a dosing chamber can start to lose its freshness quickly and can go stale. If you grind on demand you keep the freshness and aromatic flavour of your coffee for longer.

We have trade accounts with a couple of suppliers of coffee grinders and our team will work with you on finding the right grinder for your budget, please remember selling grinders is not our core business and we have these trade accounts to help our trade partners get the best price and we do not put the same margins on the trade price as other suppliers who are relying on the income of equipment sales.

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